Sawa Shabab (Together Youth) series is produced locally by Free Voice South Sudan in collaboration with the United States Institute of Peace and the Peace Tech Lab, to promote peace and stability by empowering youth to be confident, open-minded and participatory citizens in a diverse society.

The drama series follows the daily lives of different young South Sudanese as they face unique challenges while learning how to become peacebuilders in their communities. Sawa Shabab consists of 20 episodes in English and Arabic and five episodes in Nuer and Dinka languages and will be aired on Radio Miraya, the Catholic Radio Network and other local stations across the country.

About the Peacebuilding Curriculum

The dramatic series is based on an educational, peacebuilding curriculum designed with local partners. The curriculum seeks to increase knowledge and change the attitudes and behaviors of youth listeners regarding their roles in building peace in South Sudan. The series’ curriculum focuses on three main goals, identified by local experts as critical to building peace in South Sudan. The series’ curriculum focuses on three main areas, identified by local experts as critical to building peace in South Sudan.

  • Co-Existence and National Identity – To promote peaceful co-existence and mutual respect among South Sudanese youth from different cultural and tribal orientations.
  • Youth Empowerment and Personal Responsibility – To create the foundations of peacebuilding by empowering South Sudanese youth to be accountable, independent and participatory citizens of society.
  • Gender – To promote peaceful and democratic growth in society by fostering an understanding of gender equality.

Interact with Sawa Shabab

Young South Sudanese inside and outside of the country are encouraged to engage with the Sawa Shabab program. Youth can share their thoughts and experiences online through the Sawa Shabab Facebook fan page as well as via Twitter (@SawaShabab). The program also includes opportunities for young listeners in South Sudan to interact with the drama through text messages and phone call-ins. Listeners will be invited to respond to questions raised within the episode and send thoughts and feedback on characters and storylines.

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Through the Sawa Shabab Youth Outreach Project (funded by Cordaid and supported by Peace Tech Lab), listeners in Bor, Wau and Juba, both inside and outside the PoCs, have transformed Sawa Shabab into a youth movement, implementing many youth-designed and driven large-scale activities foregrounded in the Sawa Shabab curriculum goals, including drama performances, concerts, cultural events, and Sawa Shabab listening groups. Over 8000 youth have attended or participated in these events throughout 2015.

Sawa Shabab youth leaders are saying

“A lot of things I love very much, and I feel excited when I am with the youth of the Sawa Shabab programme. I really got encouraged when I got involved in texting and telephoning with the Sawa Shabab staff, and I really got excited because of the mutual connections that I got for them. This makes me to work hard and be more involved in the youth activities. Sawa Shabab really has a mission and a vision that can touch the youth, and that message covers South Sudan at large. And I feel myself to please always to be with them, and I’m also encouraging all of the youth all around the world to please be a part of Sawa Shabab, because Sawa Shabab has a mission and a vision to host every South Sudanese.”


Youth Outreach Mobiliser – Wau

“I like Sawa Shabab because it brings youth together for peacebuilding in South Sudan. We need to bring all people of South Sudan as one nation, we don’t want war in our country. And we want to build this nation for the new generation who is coming behind us. I’m a youth mobiliser for Sawa Shabagb to mobilise all the youth of Wau to come together to build us one group of Shabab to communicate with other youth in other states. We want everyone to say “I am a South Sudanese, I am not from this or from this.”


Youth Outreach Mobiliser – Wau

“I like Sawa Shabab because it is concerned about youth activates in the communities, how to bring them together, bringing them in peace, how to build a strong nation based on peace. I’m so excited, I wanted to be one of the agents of building peace in my community through Sawa Shabab.”


Youth Outreach Mobiliser – Wau

“I would like to talk about the peace to tell the youth to come together so that we can love one another. Then we can organize all the people to talk about the peace. What makes Sawa Shabab for the women, for example early marriage, it is also very important to them to know that the early marriage, it is very difficult to them to get married, and that one affects the ladies. So it is good to aware them through the radio and through the radio, but the special thing is the dialogue through the radio.”


Youth Outreach Mobiliser – Bor

“I came to know Sawa Shabab through the radio series which educates people on peacebuilding. And me, as a youth mobiliser here in Juba, I would like to see that people in Jubatown most especially are peace makers, and this will make me happy to see that peace has been in South Sudan, since we were affected by the conflict mostly. So, Sawa Shabab, Let’s live in peace, youth together!”


Youth Outreach Mobiliser – Juba

“I like Sawa Shabab because it connects all of the youth together across South Sudan.”


Youth Outreach Mobiliser – Bor

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