Free Voice South Sudan

Free Voice: Media Support in Development was established in 2007 in Juba to enhance the capacity of media in South Sudan by providing objective, balanced and impartial information to the public through transferring expertise and skills, and assisting with developing, financing, managing and implementing projects in the mass media communications sector, particularly through radio and written media.


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Sawa Shabab

Sawa Shabab (Youth Together) is a popular peacebuilding radio drama series for youth played across all states in South Sudan.

Our Corner

Our Corner – a place for children and youth participatory radio programmes in South Sudan. Made by children, for children, with children and by children

Na'eesh Mabadh

Na’eesh Mabadh (Living Together)  is about building understanding and bringing people together through local stories. We want to go back to our histories, to our traditions, to our own folklore to see what we can understand about our society from these stories.

Past Projects

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