Free Voice South Sudan

Free Voice: Media Support in Development was established in 2007 in Juba to enhance the capacity of media in South Sudan by providing objective, balanced and impartial information to the public through transferring expertise and skills, and assisting with developing, financing, managing and implementing projects in the mass media communications sector, particularly through radio and written media.

The initial focus of activities was mass communication productions, providing trusted information to refugees to safely return to and reintegrate in Southern Sudan following the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005, and leading-up to the Referendum. Since, Free Voice South Sudan has continued to amplify its support work in areas of news and journalism, capacity building for media partners and local journalists, radio drama production, humanitarian messaging, participatory street-theater, civic education radio programmes, children’s radio programmes, establishment of professional media networks and platforms for media sharing, and production of  learning materials.

Through connections with over 30 different broadcast partners, Free Voice South Sudan’s radio programmes are broadcast all across the country and into neighbouring Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda.